Vertical Fitness

Dubai Holding Skyrun, Jumeirah Emirates Tower. ©Dubai Holding Skyrun

Keeping in shape and looking after your health is one of the foremost issues in today’s society.

Since 2007, the International Skyrunning Federation has carried out scientific research on skyscraper racing. Climbing just a few flights of stairs a day represents a fast way to lose weight and a very effective tool in the prevention of obesity, diabetes and heart disease. It’s also free! Training uphill consumes ten times more calories than the same exercise on the flat.

Forget the elevator! Exclusive ISF research shows that walking uphill on a 51-53 % incline is without a doubt a very demanding activity, but within reach of even of the most dedicated couch potato.

Human “rockets” can race up 40 flights of stairs at more than half a metre a second (2,200 m/h) but thousands of enthusiasts worldwide, for sheer fun or to raise money for good causes, can accomplish the same feat– only three times slower.

In the same given time as other forms of exercise, Vertical Fitness gets you fit faster and consumes more calories.

“How many calories will I burn?” is the question everyone wants to know. Here’s the good news: the overall energy expenditure of the exercise depends on your weight.

The more you weigh, the more you burn!

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