SWS-LOGO-2016-FOR-LIGHTFrom the world’s highest mountains to the world’s tallest buildings, vertical running is governed by the International Skyrunning Federation under the discipline of stairclimbing (Rules Art 2.3.3).

Since 2007, the federation has been involved in skyscraper racing with co-founder Vista Comunicazione, Milan. Fusing their know-how and experience, the annual Vertical World Circuit® was established in 2009 uniting race organisers, creating new events, recruiting and managing the elite athletes who are awarded with an end of season prize purse. Since 2013, Hong Kong based Sporting Republic is an official partner of the project.

A ranking system awards the VWC World Champion titles to the winners at the final, together with an end of season bonus pool to the top three men and women.

Scientific research conducted by the ISF on skyscraper racing has thrown new light on performance, training and health.