VWC Rules

1. INTRODUCTION – The Vertical World Circuit® (VWC) is based on a circuit of international standard races in various countries. The race circuit is open to individual runners and sponsored teams. Points are awarded only to individuals.

2. VWC RACES – A minimum of seven races are selected in at least five different countries. The selected events will conform to VWC Race Standards and to international standards in terms of athlete presence, notoriety and organization.

3. DEFINITION – Skyscraper races fall within the International Skyrunning Federation’s specific parameters. (See ISF Rule 2.3.3) “STAIRCLIMBING – Vertical races with an incline over 45% on stairs indoors or outdoors. The minimum vertical climb is 100m.”

4. VWC INDIVIDUAL POINTS SYSTEM – Each race will assign points based on the men’s/women’s results according to the following breakdown: 100-88-78-72-68-66-64-62-60-58-56-54-52-50 down to 2 points to the 20th position for men and women.

5. RACE POINTS – In a seven to eight race calendar, the four best results are counted. When nine or more races exist, the five best results are counted.

5.1 – Three races award an extra 25% bonus points. The Grand Finale awards a 50% bonus. A maximum of two races with 25% bonus points will be counted.
5.2 – In the event of a tie, the athlete with the best result in the final race will be awarded the champion title.

6. RACE RULES – These regulations shall prevail above all. Local race regulations must be consistent with entry conditions, start systems and final results.

7. COMPETITORS’ NUMBERS – The organiser will provide the participants’ numbered bibs. In accordance with the VWC organisers, the allocation of these may be determined by the latest ISF ranking order, the lower numbers being assigned to the top ranked male and female athletes and subsequently in descending order.

8. RACE SYSTEM – Every race can be either individually timed or a mass start. In the latter case, the organisers must take into account a maximum number in every category. Men and women run in separate categories.

9. CATEGORIES – Only men’s and women’s categories are counted. The ranking is based on the fastest time outright in each of the two categories.

10. WINNERS – Every race can have only one winner in each category based on a photo-finish or other system. Only races that time each runner may have a tie. (See 5.2)

11. TITLES – At the VWC final, the first male and female competitors with the highest score will be declared “Vertical World Circuit® Champions”.
11.1 WINNER’S & CHAMPION’S JERSEY / TROPHY – The VWC race winners or final champions (first ranked male and female), must wear the relevant jersey or exhibit the VWC trophy on the podium. If the jersey is not worn, or the trophy not exhibited, ranking points will not be assigned whatever the final position of the runner and any VWC prizes will not be awarded.
11.2 PRIZE MONEY – The top three ranked male and female athletes must attend the official podium / prize-giving ceremony at the Grand Finale to receive the prize-money.

12. ANTI-DOPING CONTROLS – Anti doping controls may be carried out in any of the races according to the rules of each nation, (WADA) protocol and in agreement with the national federation concerned.

NB Local race regulations must be consistent with the official VWC rules. 
In the event of conflict, the general ISF Skyrunning Rules will prevail.

*ISF Rules

Updated 30 January, 2019