Vertical running – on top of the world

Thomas Dold, VertiGo, Paris. ©

Vertical Running is an original new sports discipline that is capturing the imagination of the public and press across the globe.

The world’s most iconic skyscrapers are the scenario for this fast-growing sport where top international specialists can race up 100 flights of stairs in just a handful of minutes. These ascents are not new, but since 2009, a coordinated race circuit together with an intriguing research project has become a reality under the auspices of the International Skyrunning Federation.

Scientific research conducted by the federation plays an important role in this exhilarating new sport by casting light on these extraordinary athletic performances. This exclusive data will not only be used to optimize stair running, but has generated Vertical Fitness, a health and wellness project involving stair climbing to benefit a less active public.

The Vertical World Circuit® comprises a selection of some of the most prestigious skyscraper races worldwide in a new, spectacular sports arena – right in the heart of the city.