20 October 2019

Bourne is back. Walsham takes her fifth win in Shanghai

Elite post-race line-up, SHKP Vertical Run for Charity – Race to Shanghai IFC, eighth leg of the Vertical World Circuit. ©SHKP

Shanghai opened its doors today to 1,700 skyscraper racers hailing from more than 20 countries to compete in the SHKP Vertical Run for Charity – Race to Shanghai IFC eighth leg of the 2019 Vertical World Circuit®.

First to summit the 1,460 steps up the Two Shanghai International Finance Centre was Australian Mark Bourne in 7’58”, his fourth win here but short of his own 7’42” record.

I’m very happy to come here and win up this building again. It’s the sixth time I’ve been here and I always enjoy coming back. I’ve won it four times now. I’m looking forward to Osaka in three weeks’ time. I’ve done some very good times there in the past so looking forward to finishing off the season strongly,” Bourne commented.

After last year’s win here, Poland’s Piotr Lobodzinski’s hopes for a repeat performance were dashed, placing second. With his third-place podium spot today, Japan’s Ryoji Watanabe maintains his ranking leadership. China’s Zhisen Liu and Qinhua Liu were fourth and fifth respectively.

Women’s start at SHKP Vertical Run for Charity – Race to Shanghai IFC, with Suzy Walsham leading from the gun. ©SHKP

The women’s winner racked up a fifth win here. Australian Suzy Walsham, seven-time VWC world champion summited in 9’25”, leaving her 2017 9’08” record intact.

“I’ve had a really interrupted build-up a bit stressful before the race with injury problems, so it was great to come away with the win today and the 25% bonus. I was slightly slower than previous years but just happy with the win,” stated Walsham.

It’s been a tough year with a few problems with injuries, so I’m lucky to have raced as much as I have. I’m really looking forward to just finishing up the year – and then strengthening up my legs for next year!” There’s no stopping this formidable athlete, seven-time VWC world champion, always ready to do battle with the stairs, the competition and (nearly) always, coming out on top.

With an extra 25% bonus points awarded in this race, Walsham now climbs to top the ranking, overtaking Finland’s Laura Manninen who placed second today. Christy Kalksma from New Zealand closed the podium, Australian Alice McNamara placed fourth and the UK’s Sarah Frost, in her first big international Asian race, closed an excellent fifth .

Race winners, both from Australia, Mark Bourne and Suzy Walsham. ©SHKP

With just five days to go to the next Vertical World Circuit® race, it’s time to welcome back to the circuit the Dubai Holding SkyRun, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on Friday, October 25, where once more, the world’s top skyscraper racers will take to the stairs to battle it out for the 2019 Vertical World Circuit® ranking.

SHKP Vertical Run for Charity – Race to Shanghai IFC results

1. Mark Bourne (AUS) – 7’58”
2. Piotr Lobodzinski (POL) – 8’05”
3. Ryoji Watanabe (JAP) – 8’17”
4. Zhisen Liu (CHN) – 8’26”
5. Qinhua Liu (CHN) – 8’27”

1. Suzy Walsham (AUS) – 9’25”
2. Laura Manninen (FIN) – 10’10”
3. Christy Kalksma (NZL) – 10’51”
4. Alice McNamara (AUS) – 10’54”
5. Sarah Frost (GBR) – 10’59”

Vertical World Circuit® Ranking

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