2 4月 2019


2018 年 Lotte World Tower International Sky Run 精英选手。

2019年垂直马拉松世界巡回赛将于4月6日韩国首尔举行的 Lotte World Tower International Sky Run 上,随着精英运动员的闪亮明星阵容展开序幕。

乐天世界大厦世界上第五高的建筑,也是巡回赛场上最高的赛道 – 高出地面555米,赛道达2,917级

乐天世界大厦,东南亚最高建筑,4月6日Lotte World Tower International Sky Run 比赛场地。 ©


We are very pleased with this year’s response, as we sold out all 1,500 slots on the first day of registration,” 乐天物业与开发部首席执行官 Gwang Young Lee 表示。We hope that our race will continue to play a major role to promote and inspire vertical running in Asia and the rest of the world. We appreciate International Skyrunning Federation for their recognition and support since we started this program in 2017.”

七次垂直马拉松世界巡回赛世界冠军18’45“ 女子纪录保持者,澳洲选手 Suzy Walsham 评论说, “I am super excited about the first races of the 2019 Vertical World Circuit and looking forward to tackling the tallest building on this year’s Circuit first. Lotte Tower is a stunning building and the stairwell really nice, even if we do have to climb more than 120 floors! I’ve been training hard and hoping to start the year with a good race in Seoul.”

2018 年获胜精英选手 Piotr Lobodzinski 和 Suzy Walsham。 ©Sporting Republic

是次赛事将是一场顶级战斗。由澳洲选手 Mark Bourne 于2017年设定的男子纪录15’44“,他将回来为其捍卫。 “I’ve enjoyed the off season but now I’m ready to start the VWC season in Seoul. My preparation has been good, so I look forward to the race and seeing everyone at the event!

他将受到拥有不少于五个垂直马拉松世界巡回赛世界冠军、去年比赛冠军波兰选手 Piotr Lobodzinski 的严峻挑战。 “I can’t wait for the first Vertical World Circuit race in the 2019 new season. After last year I have great ‘winning’ memories from Seoul and Lotte Tower. It is the longest race on the entire calendar but now I’m feeling very comfortable at such distances. My shape is very good at the moment so I will come to Korea for the third time – confident and hungry for success! See you on the 123rd floor of Lotte Tower!

Mark Bourne, 2017 年获胜者和记录保持者。 ©Sporting Republic



来自世界各地的1,500名参赛者16名精英运动员将参加巡回赛的最高赛事 – 这是开启赛季的绝佳方式。

2018 垂直马拉松世界巡回赛排名

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