31 1月 2019

2019年垂直马拉松世界巡回赛 – 公布新的赛场

2019年新赛场 – 米兰 Allianz Vertical Run。 ©Allianz



赛事日历增加了两项新赛事米兰胡志明市,以及欢迎10月25日迪拜 Dubai Holding Skyrun 的回归。

迪拜 Dubai Holding Sky Run, Jumeirah Emirates Tower. ©Dubai Holding Sky Run

2019年垂直馬拉松世界巡回赛將于4月6日在首尔 Lotte World Tower International Sky Run 举行,乐天世界大厦为世界第五高楼以及巡回赛最高的赛事 – 楼高555米,多达2,917级楼梯


然而,这些标志性的建筑并不是唯一的亮点。他们是世界顶级运动员的舞台 – 将人类表演的界限推向天空。事实上,最快的上坡速度每小时2,300米,是由 国际竞速联盟(活动的制裁机构)进行的研究中测量的。

在众多精英选手中,世界排名第一的男女运动员将争夺参加垂直马拉松世界巡回赛的冠军头衔和季末现金奖。澳洲选手 Suzy Walsham 去年获得了她的第七个垂直马拉松世界巡回赛世界冠军头衔,并准备接受新的赛程。“I’m super excited about the 2019 Vertical World Circuit. It looks fantastic – some interesting new races, the return of a popular event and, of course, old favourites! I have been spending the “winter” months putting in some good training to prepare for the year ahead and I’m looking forward to another year of great racing scaling some of the world’s tallest, most iconic and recognised buildings – and of course the great friendship and sportsmanship with the other athletes!”

2018年垂直马拉松世界巡回赛世界冠军 Piotr Lobodzinski 及 Suzy Walsham。 ©Sporting Republic

拥有不少于五届垂直马拉松世界巡回赛世界冠军头衔的波兰选手 Piotr Lobodzinski 评论道,“I’m very excited for the new VWC season. The last race was at the beginning of December, so I’m very hungry to start competing again. The first event is already on April 6th in Seoul – cool. I see a new building on the calendar – the Allianz in Milan. I could come back to Italy after eight years when I first started on the circuit, where I took second place a few seconds behind Thomas Dold. I think it will be a very interesting and gripping season!”

新的米兰賽事标志着2007年首次在 Pirelli Tower 中设想的垂直马拉松世界巡回赛的起源,以及國際競速聯盟在垂直跑道上进行的第一次科学研究。

这次,Allianz Tower 将于4月14日举行第二届 Allianz VERTICAL RUN ,將吸引一些世界上最优秀的运动员争夺排名积分。

Allianz Italy总经理 Maurizio Devescovi 评论说, “We are pleased that the Allianz Tower has joined the Vertical World Circuit which fits perfectly with our commitment to promote sports in an international context. As a global Group, Allianz shares important values with sporting activities, such as professional preparation, fairness and respect for competitors as well as continuous improvement to attain higher and higher targets. Since 2015 our headquarters in Milan have been included in a running city trail and, in May 2018, we organized the first edition of the Allianz Vertical Run with athletes climbing the fifty floors of the tower.”


新赛场, 胡志明市 Landmark 81 First Flight Vertical Run。©VP Luxury Landmark 81

巡迴赛的又一新成员胡志明市,将于4月28日在越南最高的建筑上举行首届 Vinpearl Luxury Landmark 81: Race to the Summit

Vinpearl Luxury 的发言人评论道, “This is a splendid opportunity for us, and we are looking forward to welcoming athletes from all over the world to be a part of Vinpearl Luxury Landmark 81: Race To The Summit. As the tallest skyscraper in Vietnam, we believe our hotel is the ideal venue for hosting a Vertical World Circuit event as part of the Grand opening celebration of our very first Vinpearl Luxury hotel in Ho Chi Minh City”.


兴祝十年过去,垂直马拉松世界巡回赛跑上世界上最具标志性的摩天大楼,其中最快的运动员以惊人的速度攀爬 – 总能从顶部看到最美的景色。


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