21 11月 2018

垂直马拉松世界巡回赛半决赛将前往伦敦Broadgate Tower

在2018年垂直马拉松世界巡回赛半决赛的场地Broadgate Tower的顶层上欢呼。©Total Motion Events

2018年垂直世界巡回赛半决赛将于11月24日星期六前往伦敦,进入巡回赛的第八赛站。作为第一次加入巡回赛的赛站,Broadgate Tower Run Up将吸引一些世界顶级精英运动员参加比赛,争夺额外25%的奖励积分

大约300名参赛者将与来自欧洲以外 – 日本,菲律宾,俄罗斯和美国等不少于17个国家的精英一起参加第三届Broadgate Tower Run Up

他们将挑战比赛建筑的35层877级楼梯,以及3’58“5’07”的场地男女记录。男子纪录是由西班牙选手David Robles和英国选手Sarah Frost于 2017年创下的双冠记录。Frost 将在周六参加比赛,以捍卫 – 甚至刷新去年的纪录。

Broadgate Tower, London. ©Total Motion Events

We are all so excited that the Vertical World Circuit is making its way to London! It will be a particularly special race for the UK tower runners as we regularly train in The Broadgate Tower which now feels like the home of tower running in London,” Frost评论道。

“I’m very confident that both the male and female records will fall as so many talented international elite athletes will be participating! Myself and the rest of the Total Motion tower runners can’t wait to see what they can do on Saturday…bring on the great competition!

預測会有激烈的竞争,例如目前在参加五场賽站后排名第二的菲律宾選手Rosalyn Russell,“I’m excited to make my first trip London to compete against the great European runners and to represent the Philippines in the 2018 Broadgate Tower Run Up. I’m also looking forward to testing my last cross training sessions on the stairs, tempo runs, half marathons and a marathon against the Broadgate Tower’s 35 floors, followed one week later by the 82 floors of the ICC Tower in Hong Kong for the Vertical World Circuit final!”

Criostina Bonacina。©iancorless.com_Vertigo2017

排名第三的意大利选手Cristina Bonacina參加了超过100场比赛。 凭借她的专业知识,她将为这些宝贵的排名积分展开激烈的战斗。“I’m very happy to return to the Broadgate Tower race in London which I won in 2016. The competition will be really tough, but as usual I’ll do my best even if the years are mounting up and often I find myself racing with girls that could be my daughters. Never give up!”

来自日本的Yuko Tateishi一直关注垂直马拉松世界巡回赛的亚洲赛站,经过四个赛站后排名第五。“The VWC race in Europe is my first here and I’m very much looking forward to it. I want to compete with the best possible performance and I’m aiming for the top!” 她表示。

西班牙选手Mikel Besora,Antonio Soler及 Ignacio Cardona 目标卫冕男子精英记录。T2T New York 2018.©VWC

不少于三名西班牙选手将会登上领奖台,以保持男子精英组在西班牙选手中的战绩:Ignacio Cardona排名第六,Mikel Besora排名第八,Antonio Soler排名第十。“I wasn’t very well in the summer but now I feel ready for the challenge and to improve my ranking position,”Cardona说。“I placed fourth overall in the 2016 VWC ranking and I’m looking forward to taking a shot at the record.”

英国选手Adam Holland以不少于220次马拉松比赛的胜利,在马拉松比赛中获得了世界前五名的佳绩,将会挑战垂直跑颁奖台。去年的比赛冠军,爱沙尼亚选手Rauno Tiits将加入男子精英组竞争。

为庆祝第三届Broadgate Tower Run首次加入垂直马拉松世界巡回赛,活动主办方Total Motion首席执行官Matt Hudson评论说,“We are looking forward to welcoming athletes of all different nationalities to The Broadgate Tower Run Up on 24th November. We are extremely proud that the event has been chosen to represent the London leg of the VWC and we will see incredible talent on the day from a strong field of elites. What’s really great is that alongside these top athletes will be individuals and families with children taking part in the other stair climbing races, making it a fantastic day for runners of all ages and abilities.”

Broadgate Tower,2018年垂直马拉松世界巡回赛的伦敦场地。 ©Total Motion Events

Broadgate Tower Run Up是继纽约和北京之后,在排名赛上额外获得25%的奖励积分的三场比赛之一。12月2日在香港举行的垂直马拉松世界巡回赛决赛经过50%的奖励积分后,将颁发垂直马拉松世界巡回赛世界冠军头衔赛季奖金



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